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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  July 20, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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there is already a facebook page for this owling. >> that's good. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report, fair, balanced and unafraid. special report is back and starts right now. >> shepard: the massive heat dome across america covers 100 square miles. heat indexes above 120 degrees and tonight the death toll rises. plus the growing mystery at the millionaire's mention. one victim, a woman. naked, tied up and hanging by her neck. the other, a young boy, mortal ainjured in a tumble down the stairs. but is there a connection? that is what cops are now trying to figure out and tonight they are bit closer. the shooting at fort hood. investigators say this man opened fire on dozens of
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innocent people. he faces a possible death penalty for his crime and today he came to court. plus, how do you explain this one to the insurance company? and sharks have almost no natural predators unless you count this guy. >> the dog is biting the sharking. >> the shark! >> tonight, the bravest dog ever. first the mystery at the mansion in southern, california. the sheriff's department investigators now say in san diego that they are waiting for lab results that could help explain the events that left two people dead. it all started at the home of a millionaire drug executive when his young son apparently fell down the stairs. the little boy never recovered from his injuries. we are told the father, the
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executive jonas was not at home at the time. but his girlfriend was. and two days later somebody found her stripped naked hanging from a balcony at the house with her wrists and ankles tied. and investigators say so far they are not certain whether the two events are connected. as for the man in the middle of all, this the millionaire drug executive, he has now left the state, reportedly to make funeral arrangements for his son. there is much more to this and adam housely has it live from los angeles this afternoon. i'm told you just spoke with the sheriff investigating the case. what do you learn? >> they haven't given a lot of interviews. they have been inundated with requests from around the globe as the mystery expands. they have 15 of the best investigators on the case and they were called out to the case by the core dona police department which is the suburb across from stage.
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they were called out because the crime was violent and bizarre. they wouldn't go into the details of the investigation. they do say they are waiting for toxicology and forensics and they will combine that with the autopsy and come out with a determining whether it was a homicide or suicide. i asked the sheriff's spokesman when you found somebody bound hands and feet naked hanging from a balcony most people would believe they probably didn't do that to themselves. here is what he said. >> as a homicide investigator we look at things as being suspicious. this case is suspicious. any time you have somebody found in a backyard and secured the way she was and she was unclothed it becomes a problem and that is exactly why we were called out to the case. >> having said that, they will not rule out suicide. they get one shot at this and they want to get it right. >> the man's ex-husband, the mother of the little boy who died lived down the street. what do we know?
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>> a couple of things. he left the state. his brother adam had come in that morning that the body was found hanging one week ago from today. that he has just come in to help the family deal with the son who had fallen down the stairs and was in critical condition at the time at the hospital. he there was. >> there were a few other people in the house over the three-day period. they talked to all of them and at this point, they say everybody is cooperating with the investigation and they are keeping tabs on all of them. >> shepard: adam housely in los angeles. the accused gunman in the fort hood massacre now has a trial date but does not have his lawyer as of now. heading to court today for the first time since the fort hood commander decide to make this a death penalty case. he is charged with killing 13 people. the judge says the trial will start next march but the lead defense lawyer was not in court today and just announced he is
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leaving the case. chris gutierrez at fort hood tonight. chris, why? >> shepherd, we will talk about that in a minute. i want to talk first about the arraignment. it took just 15 minutes so it was really quick. he is paralyzed from the waist down after the shooting. he was in a wheel chair wearing an army combat uniform jump suit. hassan did not enter a plea but under military law he will have to eventually plead not guilty because he does face the death penalty. one witness to the shootings said this about today's developments. >> the thing that makes me feel good is that this day has come that he has been arraigned. and so we know a trial will ensue. so, in that regards, i feel justice has started to turn its wheels. >> there are more than 50 witnesses who say they saw
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hassan shoot his fellow soldiers back in november of 2009 and it is widely speculated, shepard, that hassan will seek a defense of insanity in this case. >> shepard: chris the lawyer quit. why? >> he didn't quit. he is taking a leave of absence. did he not elaborate on why he is take the leave of absence but released a statement that reads in part over the past year my family and i have been vilified by many for defending major nadal hassan. it was, however, one of the most gallant, generous, manley and disinterested actions of my whole life and one of the best pieces of service i ever rendered my country. he retired from the army as a colonel back in 200 2001 and ws hand picked to represent hassan by hassan's brother. >> shepard: weather alert. a heat dome across the nation. at least 22 people now dead
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from heat related illnesses. weather experts say the huge area of high pressure is trapping hot moist air beneath it leaving 141 million americans over one million square miles under a gigantic heat alert. rick reichmuth has the latest from the extreme weather center. it is july but this is off the hook. >> places in texas over their average temperature every day since the latter part of may. you get that kind of exhaustion because of the heat. feels like 106 in dallas. check this out. feels like 94 in new orleans. who would think you would be feeling better there than you would be in minneapolis right now. that is why this is to strange to get that much heat towards the north. it is spreading towards the east. it is. 33 states with some sort of advisory in effect. tomorrow a massive day for the heat. 110 feels like in st. louis. 101 birmingham. warm if in parts of kansas.
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minneapolis tomorrow only going to get to around feeling like 84. a little bit of a front here. davenport, iowa, still 108. talking about spreading toward the east. tomorrow, 106 d.c. 102 new york. up towards parts of maine 90. everybody extremely hot. detroit 108. the heat here and a slow moving one, and we will be dealing with these kinds of temperatures at least until the day sunday. >> shepard: it will smell good on the subway platforms tomorrow. hurricane season. i hear we have action. third named storm of the season. another one not to worry about. named cindy. it will be gone in a couple of days and won't be a storm any more and just affecting the little fishys out there. that's it. >> a fish storm. rick reichmuth in the weather center. thank you. >> shepard: have you listened to the british parliament lately? lawmakers spoke about the tabloid hacking scandal. listen. >> think of what the public thinks of our behavior.
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order. and stop it without delay. >> shepard: stop it, indeed. wait until you hear these people. more of the ruckus just ahead. plus, deaths as yosemite. >> it i couldn't process why they were in the gloria lot of people today saw something traumatic and lives were lost and that is really sad. we know why we're here.
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>> shepard: the british prime minister david cameron is defending his actions in the tabloid hacking scandal that is rocking the united kingdom. the prime minister appeared in an emergency session of parliament and said his staff never tried to block an investigation into accusations of phone hacking at the news of the world tabloid. >> i said they should pursue the evidence whereever it leads
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and arrest exactly who they wish and that is exactly what they have done. >> fox news channel parent company the news corporation shut down the news of the world tabloid earlier this month. the police have arrested ten people in the case including the former editor andy coolson, a man who later went to work for the prime minister himself. and today, the prime minister spoke about the decision to give coolson a job. >> on the decision to hire him, i believe i have answered every question about this. it was my decision. hold on. t was my decision. i take responsibility. people will, of course -- >> no interrupting the prime minister. the house must come to order and hear in silence the remainder of the statement. the prime minister. >> people will, of course, make judgments about it. of course, i regret and i am extremely sorry about the fur it has caused. with 20/20 hindsight and all that has followed i would not
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have offered him the job and i suspect he wouldn't have taken it. you don't make decisions in hindsight. you make them in the present. you live and you learn and believe you me, i have learned. >> shepard: but the lesson may not be over. i wish i congress would learn to act like that and they would be more entertaining. >> entertaining to watch. all the passion stirred by the phone hacking scandal on display in the house of commons. british lawmakers traditionally shout and heckle each other in parliament but even the speaker of the house that is charged with keeping order seemed shocked at the debate as david cameron defended his decision to hire the news of the world editor andy coolson. >> if he turns out that he knew about the hacking at the news of the world he will not only have lied to me but he will have lied to the police, the
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select committee and the complaints commission and, of course, perjured himself in a court of law. if that comes to pass he could also expect to face severe criminal charges. i have an old fashioned view about innocent until proven guilty. >> members of the opposition labor party accused the prime minister of being too close to rue bert murdoch's news corporation, pointing to the fact that mr. cameron met with executives from the company more than two dozen times in the last 14 months and labor party leader said the prime minister ignored obvious concerns about andy coolson when appointed him as the communications chief. >> mr. speaker this can't be put down to gross incompetentence. it was a deliberate attempt to hide from the fact of about mr. coulson. >> order!
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order. members shouting out shouldn't be doing so. they must calm themselves. keep on an even keel. it's better for their health and for the house. >> the prime minister, mr. speaker, was caught in a tragic conflict of loyalty between the bands of integrity people should expect and his personal allegiance to mr. coolson. he made the wrong choice. >> the phone hacking scandal brought down two of the top police officers over allegations the cops took bribes from news of the world executives. the police and parliamentary investigations of all this are ongoing. >> shepard: back here in the u.s., rescue teams searching for three hikers swept over the edge of a raging waterfall and officials believe all of them are dead. happened yesterday afternoon at yosemite national park in california. the hikers ignored the warning signs and crossed the barricade to take pictures of the
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300-foot waterfall. he says people were yelling at them get away from the edge when one woman slipped and two others fell in trying to save her and that was that. he kills us there were kids in -- he tells us there were kids in the group who saw the whole thing. >> i saw the man's eyes and he was going over the waterfall and that was devastating. i saw two holding on to each other and one alone floating through the current. the reason why i looked is this woman was screaming and running along the edge of the water. >> shepard: three other hikers died in water accidents at yosemite this year. one witness to the latest incident said people come up here and they think it is disneyland. it is not. this hasn't happened in decades. a living united states marine about to get the highest military honor our nation can give. we are live at the pentagon with the story of an american war hero. plus -- not a fire hydrant.
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not a guiser. what it is, just ahead.
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the president is now set to present the nation's highest award for valor. the medal of oner to a live magglio reason for the first time since -- a living marine for the first time since vietnam. he recovered the bodies of four fallen come raids during a battle in afghanistan in 2009. at least 50 tee scribed to us as well armed taliban fight ires ambushed corporal myers and another servicemen while they were in a mission to meet with tribal elders. the military leaders refused the plea for military support. but corporal meyer braved enemy
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fire and helped carry bodies of his fellow fighters out of the kill zone. now, the award. and jennifer griffin has it from the pentagon tonight. hello. >> hi, shep. the first living recipient, first marine to receive this oner in 41 years but he is a reluctant recipient. >> i feel i'm the furtherrest thing from a hero. i went in there to do a job and the way i view it is that i left those guys down. but the award will be for them and the corps and the marines who didn't get recognized. >> he was based in kunar province. a scout sniper, his unit got ambushed. he was hit with shrapnel but kept going to tie triand help find the three fellow marines and navy corpsesmen who were missing. he found them dead and stripped of their gear but managed to
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carry each of them off the battlefield. he was called by the president on monday. >> there is a heavy sadness with this story in particular. there were reprimands issued so officers who denied fire support. they repeatedly over the period of an hour or two once they were pinned down under fire were pleading for fire support artillery, whatever they could get to free themselves up. dakota in addition to braving enemy fire multiple times in the vehicle also took it upon himself to run in on foot and start looking for his missing friends. >> corporal meyer got out of the marines less than a year after the incident and appears to still be living with a lot of the pain as a result of the lives that couldn't be said during that ambush that that day. he exhibits the humility we have come to associate with these extraordinary war heros. >> shepard: extraordinary, indeed. thanks so much. you could soon have a little bit more privacy when you go
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through airport security. changes to the outrageous body scans we all had to endure. the ones that can see right through your clothes. this is what the screeners see now but it will get better. we will show you what the new system will reveal. plus, a leopard on the loose. breaking out of the sanctuary and turning into the middle of the town. didn't go well from there. that's coming up tonight on an] "the fox report."ngne is blappedz having the proven history that can back it up is a whole nother story. unsurpassed torque... best in class towing... legendary cummins eines. which engine do you want powering your truck? guts. glory. ram.
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sarah palin in australia the spidersrd deadlier, the sun is hotter and the dogs eat sharks for breakfast. >> dogs swimming with the sharks and coming in to round them up. i do it all the time. here we go. here they come. he's giving him a bite. the dog is biting the shark! the dog is under the water with the shark. what the hell! >> shepard: it as very good question. dog is just fine and when last spotted the completely humiliated sharks were swimming out to sea and away from the puppies. now, the exploding manhole in montreal. yep, a man hole, flood waters blew it right out of the street there unleashing a bit of a guyser beneath the car.
4:29 pm
heavy rainstorms caused flash flooding across the city yesterday. the cbc reports this is not the first time. the same manhole ha has erupte. dangerous high speed chase comes to a violent end and that tops our news across america. arizona. the cops say they had to tase they are passenger afterrer refused to put up his hands. they say it happened after a long pursuit east of phoenix during which the driver nearly ran over two officers. both she and the passenger now in custody. california. the u.s. coast guard rescuing a veteran wind surfer. it happened after her sail reportedly broke and left her strapped in the water near san francisco for nearly 13 hours. we are told the 62-year-old woman has been wind surfing for decades and now is in good condition. ohio. heavy rains triggering dangerous floods around akron. some folks say it is the worst
4:30 pm
they have seen and they are trying to keep the water away from the businesss. >> ain't nothing we can do. >> shepard: half a foot of rain fell in just two hours. georgia. >> i love you. >> shepard: a store north of atlanta giving away free wedding dresses to fiancees of soldiers in iraq and afghanistan and active duty brides to be. part of a nationwide program brides across america. >> brings us to tears on a regular basis that we can be part of it. >> shepard: the owner also says overseas service is stressful enough on newlyweds so she is helpful to work and tha -- glad to h help. i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report." it is the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. 13 days until the u.s. meets its debt ceiling. president obama meeting separately with members of both political parties and the white
4:31 pm
house says he might accept a short-term extension of the debt limit only if lawmakers reach a long-term deal and just need a few days to write up a deal. the president had ruled out a temporary extension and says that is no way to run a country. if there is no deal by the second day of august officials say they will not be able to pay all of our bills like social security checks and military benefits and unemployment benefits and student loans. wendell goler is on the north lawn tonight. >> democrats called their meeting constructive if not entirely convincing. they like the mix of the gang of six proprosal. increased revenue with spending cuts. they don't like the cuts in social security if not rates cuts in medicare enough to turn off the afl-cio which says it won't support the plan. >> what is needed is the
4:32 pm
political will to get outside of one's comfort zone and that is true for democrats as it is for republicans. the -- and that would be required for anything that is significant in size in terms of the deficit reduction packages that we are talking about. >> the president's meeting with house republican leaders went 30 minutes longer than the meeting with democrats which may reflect the difficulty in convincing them they can support the gang of six plan and stay true you to their pledge not to raise taxes. a gang member says, yes, they can. >> we really aren't raising taxes. we are actually lowering rates to help generate revenues. >> the plan does cut tax deduckses and that raises tax revenue more than a trillion dollars and shep, the money comes from some where. >> shepard: a new poll out from fox actually that showed americans are against raising the debt limit. >> and it is not even close, shep. only 35% support in a new fox
4:33 pm
poll feel we should increase the debt ceiling. 60% are against it. you can begin to understand that when you recognize most people, 55%, don't believe that failing to raise the debt ceiling would lead to a financial catastrophe. less than 40% do. meanwhile, the president's job approval rating is still stuck below 50%. slightly behind his disapproval rating. though, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3% they are statistically evening. >> shepard: new numbers out today show that falling home sales put the u.s. housing market on track to hit a 13 year low. national association of realtors reports sales of previously occupied homes fell.point 8%. on pace for fewer than 5 million sales. economists say it takes at least 6 million for a healthy housing market. checks will soon be in the mail for more than 450,000 home owners who took out mortgages
4:34 pm
with countrywide financial. part of a settlement of claims that the lender overcharged borrowers facing foreclosure. the ftc reached this settlement with bank of america. the fdc indicates the checks wi>> an airline deal reportedly worth $40 billion could mean state of the art amenities on future american airlines flights. that is how executives say they will pass on savings from what they call the largest aircraft order in the industry history. 460 new planes in the next five years to build a new fuel efficient fleet. a number of airlines blamed fair hikes and fees on rising fuel costs so passengers are paying more for stuff like tickets, baggage and inflight meals. who is the winner in the deal, rich? >> analysts say american airlines, possibly customers in the long run and airbus, the european airplane manufacturer secured a major u.s. foothold in the deal.
4:35 pm
american airlines main fleet last flew an airbus two years ago and now ordering 260 of them. boeing has a stranglehold on the current american airlines fleet. the u.s. manufacturer will sell the airline 200 planes. american is building a new fleet of planes that will make about the youngest most fuel efficient line in a few years. >> shepard: does it put pressure on the others to get out and buy new planes. >> the profits could come down to how much a company pays for gas. for american it made all the difference in the latest oning report. in the afternoon the airlines said it lost $286 million this past quarter. they are making more money than a year ago but higher fuel prices cost american more than a half billion dollars. buying efficient planes could force the competition to explore new aircraft with better gas mileage just to keep up. the feds say they are installing new softwares to
4:36 pm
protect passengers' privacy. the head of the it tsa says screeners will see a generic person instead of the passenger's actual body. see the difference. the tsa chief says the new system will work just as well at spotting possible threats. >> the software algorithms depict the generic outline of the person with the same capabilities in terms of projection but simply the image being projected. and if it there is an anomaly that is high lited on the person. one of the beauties is the passenger can see the same outline of their person. >> see, say, a knife or a gun or whatever but not see your junk before they touch it. they hope to have the new system in about 40 airports by the end of this year. the former presidential candidate john edwards could soon face even more legal problems. the federal election commission may fine his 2008 campaign more than $2 million.
4:37 pm
the agency claims the campaign illegally accepted government funds and tomorrow it is expected to make a recommendation on the fine. john edwards lawyers say the campaign was entitled to the money. the disgraced ex-senator currently facing criminal charges and possible prison time for allegations he used campaign cash to cover up an extramarital affair and a love child with this woman, real hunter. a little more than four decades after neil armstrong walked on the moon, nasralla ns about to close a major chapter in the history of the space program. is next for nasa employees with no more mixes left to control. plus, casey anthony reportedly told her lawyer what she wants to do for a living and that could land her back in court again and again and again. and that is next.
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casey anthony's free thanks in part to a team of lawyers and now there is word she wants to become a lawyer.
4:41 pm
according to florida television stationing wtsp in tampa, her attorney cheney mason says casey anthony told him when i get out i want to be a lawyer. i want to work in your office. he reportedly explained that is unrealistic since she has a record and said his main goal is to keep her safe. she has been in hiding since leaving the orange county jail in orlando last sunday 12 days after a jury akisted he acquitf murdering her daughter. here in new york city the only wildlife we encounter of the rats and roaches. in india, the pests are little larger. wildlife workers shooting at a leopard that mauled 11 people in the eastern part of that country. the leopard clearly not keen on being captured. understandably considering people had been attacking it with knives and stones and batons. here you can see it actually leaping on to a man.
4:42 pm
in the end, the rangers tranquilized the cat, caught it in a net later it died. it is the mother of all countdowns. after 135 flights in 30 years, nasa's famed shuttle program is nearing its end. we are just ten hours away from seeing shuttle atlantis returning to the earth for the final time. all four astronauts checked flight systems and even cent a small satellite into space. atlantis is to retire for good once it returns and is set to transition from shuttle to museum showpiece. phil keating live at kennedy space center. two landing opportunities i guess for at la atlantis tomorw morning, right. phil? >> and the weather looks favorable for both. that would mean a final florida landing ending an era as the space shuttle atlantis comes back home to the kennedy space center. 13 days agorgeous history made.
4:43 pm
the last nasa space shuttle launched. it has traveled throughout its year 307 days in space and 126 million miles. so after the shuttle program is retired that means nasa would be dependent on the russians to get our astronauts up to the space station at $65 million a pop. >> they are great reliable partners. should we be dependent upon them? we need two different ways to get people to lower earth orbit. >> the future tore nasa right here. the ryan cap actual. a mockup of it. within it will be about four astronauts on top of a big rocket blasting to space and when they return they splash down in the old days just like the apollo. >> shepard: shuttle goes away, jobs go away. how many? >> the shuttle lands tomorrow
4:44 pm
and the next day, 3200 layoffs nationwide. the vast majority of those right here around cape canaveral. this is a massive town. everywhere you look you see space memorabilia. even the mcdonald's has space aged flavor. 9,000 total layoffs anticipated after the shuttle program retired. for everybody who has been involved, this is not only emotional but very economic. >> there are not 9,000 jobs here in brevard county. there aren't. i'm not even sure there are those 9,000 similar kinds of jobs in the state of florida. >> at an afternoon symposium here at the kennedy space center visitor's center they talked about the future and said we are not a one rocket town. be delta andill bedell that atlantis launches and the commercial enterprise has the big test launch with the falcon rocket coming up later this year.
4:45 pm
>> shepard: and officials at nasa getting ready to say goodbye to another piece of history the space shuttle flight control room better known as mission control in houston. it is the room with the wavy desks and wall of monitors. nasa built it 16 years ago to oversee the last 65 shuttle missions. once atlantis lands safely officials plan to turn it into a training room for astronauts and flight controllers. when they hang the final mission plaque on the wall there will be a lot of tears. tune in for fox and friends tomorrow an hour early at 5:00 a.m. eastern, 4:00 a.m. in oxford for live coverage of shuttle atlantis making its final return to earth. scheduled to touch down at kennedy space center 5:56 a.m. eastern daylight time. >> on september 11th, 2001, new york's finest rushed into the buildings in downtown manhattan and some never came home. among them, 11 firefighters who
4:46 pm
were aboard the truck from ladder three it is a it sped toward the twin towers. they died when the towers collapsed. the new plans to recognize their sacrifice ahead in our weekly rise of freedom series. plus, a man lose losses his ene family after flood waters carve out a deadly trap in the middle of a road. that's coming up.
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>> shepard: a republican house panel today working on a bill to block united states aid to a number of middle eastern nations unless and until the white house can assure congress that the nations are cooperating in the war on terror. the legislation would block 000 millions of dollars
4:50 pm
in aid to pakistan unless that country can prove that it is pursuing terrorists, among other conditions. nemany in congress have questioned pakistan's cooperation with the united states in light of the situation that killed osama bin laden. he molly henneberg live in washington. the bill puts conditions on pakistan. what are they? >> it would require pakistan to prove and the u.s. secretary of state to confirm that the pakistanis are genuinely helping out in tracking down terrorists and helping out in the investigation into how bin laden was able to hide out there for so many years. the gop chair woman says the restrictions are necessary to make sure pakistan uses u.s. aid "in the right way"? if they want to receive u.s. dollar there's is no longary blank check. no longer business as usual. they have to respond to our questions and cooperate and share information or the buck stops here. >> the bill also would put
4:51 pm
conditions on aid to egypt, lebanon, yemen and palestinian authority. although it does include a provision to allow the president to waive the requirements for reasons of national security. >> shepard: some democrats have reservations about this, right? >> in part because it would apply to aid on all levels. military, in it tell against and civilian assistance. the top democrat on the committee contends that u.s. dollars that help strengthen pakistani's civilian institutions are "the key to long-term stability in that country." this measure may pass the house which is controlled by republicans but has a tougher climb in the democratically controlled senate. >> shepard: thanks. family tragedy in wyoming. a u.s. forest service spokesman says a couple and their three young children had just left a camp site because they were fearing the floods were coming and then their van plunged into a hole that all of a sudden opened up. a nine foot gap in the washed out section of the highway. the rain swollen creek swept
4:52 pm
the vehicle right downstream. a man, his wife and three children in that car. everyone but the man on the left died. officials say they were all wearing seatbelts or in car seats. here is what a family friend had to say. >> i can't even begin to imagine what he is going through right now. you know, you are on a family vacation and enjoying life and having a great time and a couple of hours later you have lost everything. >> shepard: unthinkable. an emergency worker responding to the crash hit that same washout just minutes later. he is now in stable condition in the local hospital. >> the rise of freedom. in the weeks ahead we will be hearing a lot about the 9/11 memorial. it is set to open on the 10th year remembrance of the attacks this september. beneath the memorial crews are hard at work right now building the 9/11 museum. t is scheduled to open a year
4:53 pm
later. these pictures today lower manhattan as workers lower a damaged fire truck into the museum. underneath that clothe the truck from ladder three. we first saw it nine months ago as we visited a storage facility filled with artifacts from the attack. >> this is ladder three? >> yeah. >> you can see just the absolutely damage that took place. >> the remnants of that truck one of the final large artifacts that crews have moved into place through a ground level hatch. they are planning to seal that hatch in the coming days. and as the place begins to take shape, the folks at the museum gave fox news an air early preview. it is the first time they allowed a national television crew to see the museum itself the way the public will. >> we start our exhibition experience along here. you can't see it yet but i can
4:54 pm
see it in my mind's eye with a map of the world that is fractured. and you the visitor are walking through a fractured world map listening to the voices of people from around the world remembering where they were on 9/11. >> shepard: in its entirety the museum is going be sensory overload. it is not sanitized. more from the visit tomorrow night in "the fox report." >> take a woman and a future husband and fear of heights. add an amusement back and bungee cord and guess what happens when they get off the ground. it's unfortunate. fox news .com/mobile to get alerts or streaming videos sena to your mobile device. and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me
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>> shepard: good intentions. a section woman says she was only trying to help her fiancee conquer his fear of heights.
4:58 pm
didn't work out like that. the couple got stuck 50 feet in the air on a bungee ride and took firefighters three hours to get a ladder up to them. >> we had a mixture of emotions up there. got in a fight. we laughed. she cried. i was there consoling her. you name it. a combination of everything within three hours. >> we would start laughing where it is like this would happen to us. things like this always happen to us. >> the texas blastoff ride now closed while operating company investigates. the couple is fine. getting married next year. staying on the ground. before we grow, our team's top five things of the day. number five, r. kelly recovering at a hospital after doctors performed emergency surgery on one of his ton sills. number four, tiger woods fired his long time caddie steve williams after more than 12 years. three, investigators in california say they are waiting for lab results from two mysterious deaths linked to a california mansion. number two, the husband of
4:59 pm
congress woman gabby giffords, the former astronaut mark kelly says he is not ruling out the possibility of running for public office himself. and number one, a judge setting a trial date of next march 5 for the accused fort hood shooter shortly after his lead attorney announced he is temporarily stepping down. and that "the fox report's" top five. >> on this day in 1973 the martial arts legend and movie star bruce lee died at the age of 32. born there in san francisco and raised in hong kong. he returned to the states in his late teens. he taught karate before starring in the t.v. show green horn net. took another move back to hong kong for him to hit the big time. box office hits in asia catapulted lee into the mainstream. he would not live to see the premier of his first american backed motion picture. a rare reaction to a pain killer caused his brain to swell but the dragon breathed